Zlatan Legends Free to Play: What items can be purchased for real money ?

Zlatan Legends Free to Play and Purchase Real Money Items: Ibrahimovic has spent the last two years helping to develop this Game to the Company developed ISBIT GAMES AB, who have confirmed that Zlatan Legends has been now available for download from Aug. 17. Today in this article, we are going to share about ‘Zlatan Legends Free to Play Mobile Game’, ‘Items that can be purchased for Real Money in this Game’ & ‘How to download and install Zlatan Legends Game for iOS, Android and PC’. Isn’t interesting though ? Well! how do you know about before downloading and playing it! I must say, It’s the game beyond of your imagination so each and every Mobile App Game lover must play this game once! After playing for once, you will surely Play Zlatan Legends Game again and again on your iOS 8.0 or later devices (As iPhone or, iPad) or, any Famous Android devices. For playing on Android devices, you must check Zlatan Legends for Android App here!

What is Zlatan Game and Who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic ?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic may be without a club but judging from his most recent business venture which has not dented his confidence. Ibrahimovic has announced a new mobile action game with a stunning advertisement featuring an animated version of him sporting a robot suit. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the charismatic Swedish striker who left Manchester United earlier this summer, has launched a new mobile game called “Zlatan Legends.”


What items can be purchased for Real Money on Zlatan Legends Free to Play Game ?

The arcade-style game — which went live on the Apple App Store on Thursday and is expected to launch on the Google Play Store at an unknown future date — has been made in collaboration with Swedish studio Isbit Games, which Ibrahimovic co-owns. It’s been developed over the past couple of years at an unspecified price. Not satisfied with downloading the APP on iOS and Android then check Zlatan Legends APK at here!

  • Targeted at individuals of all ages, the free gaming program lets users take control of a virtual Zlatan as he plays with a new “game” in space known as Driftball in an Iron Man design lawsuit.
  • From the pinball-like game, players receive a customisable Zlatan to kick a ball-shaped thing through a succession of levels.
  • But there is more to it than that, based on Ibrahimovic.

Where can you Buy Special Rewards and Claim Special Prizes in Zlatan Legends Free Mobile Game ?

  • FAST-PACED GAMEPLAY is the one, where you have to Compete in different arenas across the universe. Each arena has several tiers that ramp up the challenge and rewards. Defeat the tier champion to claim special prizes.

Zlatan Legends Gameplay: How to Play & Download Zlatan Game Online?

  • While CUSTOMIZE YOUR GEAR, Personalize your champion with a wide range of outfits and victory poses. You can even customize your Driftball with paints and trail effects. (Purchase items if you wanna enjoy this game at a peak level here)


  • You can even purchase the various types of CLAIM LOOT as like Rewards are plentiful in the tournament. So, Claim various types of loot crates as you play and expand your collection of customization items for real money.

“You are a superhero, and you are saving the world,” Ibrahimovic told Business Insider at Manchester before the launch. “But none. You go from planet to planet to planet. [You save it from] other superheroes that are looking to save it. And who is going to be the savior is your decision. He’s the best skills, the best everything, he’ll save it. Everybody would love to become a superhero … so let’s see who it will be. I believe it is going to be me.”

Isbit Games CEO Markus Koos stated he and Ibrahimovic shared the same vision for the game from the beginning. “We had the same ambition from day one,” he said. We didn’t need to copy/paste anything. We wanted to make something new. We wanted it to feel and look Zlatan.”


  • Koos added: “It is a contemporary, retro type of game in which skill is important but we understand that it has to be accessible for everybody as well, so it is fun.”

Ibrahimovic, who’s also played for Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, stated he was quite impressed with how realistic the Zlatan personality has proven to be. Ibrahimovic confessed that the character looks somewhat stronger than him, adding: “I might need to go to the gym and make myself stronger.”

Zlatan Legends Free to Play mobile game is available for iOS, and, It’ll soon available for Android Devices and Windows PCs.

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Zlatan Legends Free to Play: What items can be purchased for real money ?
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